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Every property owner wants the best security measures for their home or business. Security lighting is a great way to prevent intruders or other criminal activity occurring on your property. E J Lack Electrical supplies a diverse array of security lighting options for homes in Hawthorn, Richmond and around Melbourne’s surrounding suburbs.

Well thought out security lighting is a great way to signify to people that your home or business is occupied. There are many types of security lighting available; from bright lighting, detail lighting, and subtle lighting for both security and style. At E J Lack Electrical, we make sure our customers come first – every single time! Our team of professionals will listen to your concerns and can advise you on the most appropriate security lighting solution for your property.

Ssecurity Lights Hawthorn

Thanks to our years of hands-on experience installing lighting fixtures into different environments and types of properties the team at E J Lack Electrical know that no-two lighting setups are the same. To ensure that we meet all the expectations and requirements of our valued clients we can install timers, sensors, switches, and even sensors activated by the sun setting and rising, to provide you with exterior security or garden lighting even if there is no one physically there to flip the switch. Moreover, we can provide you with outstanding and personalised advice about the strategic placement of your lighting for optimal coverage.

Are you looking for a solution that will offer added security in a subtle and sophisticated way?

At E J Lack Electrical, we offer a great range of security and sensor lighting that can be both effective inside your home, and simple to utilise on a daily basis. These lights could even include a custom timer system that turns on and off your security lighting at certain internals, which gives intruders the illusion that people are home. Do you need security lights for your Hawthorn home or business? Call us today!

We also provide Exit LightingLED Downlight and Switchboard Upgrade through their experienced electricians in KewCamberwellMalevernBalwyn and Brighton.

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